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Your teeth say a lot about you, which is why it is important to keep your smile looking its best. Taking care of oral health is every bit as important as taking care of the rest of your body, since neglecting your teeth can cause serious difficulty in the future. A whiter smile is also often equated with confidence, leaving a lasting impression on everyone we meet, from a new friend to a potential new boss!
Since a whiter smile can improve your perception of yourself, it is a procedure worth researching. Many at-home solutions are offered on the market today and some unscrupulous individuals have tried to take advantage of this trend by selling inferior products that have a very minimal effect. As whitening your teeth can take a toll on your enamel, it is usually best to use a concentrated method in a short amount of time.
Inferior Whitening Solutions
Toothpaste – A number of toothpaste brands claim to help individuals achieve a whiter smile, but these are best suited to help maintain an already white smile and are not actually effective at getting rid of stains. Enamel is an extremely hard substance that is difficult to penetrate, meaning that brushing for a few minutes a day is unlikely to remove stains which are embedded deep within the tooth. Whitening ingredients can also cause mild to severe tooth sensitivity over time, as the ingredients slowly eat away at your natural oral protection.
Whitening Pen – There are products advertised online that describe themselves as a "whitening pen” which basically claims to paint the teeth a lighter shade. In truth, these so called pens deliver only a minimal amount of peroxide to the tooth in a concentration that is far too small to have any actual effect. This in essence makes the product nothing more than a placebo designed to give the inference of whitening without actually backing it up.
Mall Kiosks – These are becoming far more prevalent these days and offer patrons the ability to whiten their teeth in a matter of minutes, sometimes using a poor, weak laser system, but most often claiming to be painting your teeth with bleach to lighten them. These booths are unregulated by any dental association and often provide very little, if any, improvement. In short, they are out to make a quick buck.
Whitening Solutions that Work
  • Laser whitening: performed in your dentist's office using laser light to cure the bleach, this process can be done in as little as an hour and increase the shade of your teeth significantly. This procedure is fast and effective but sensitivity  may occur.
  • At home whitening: your dentist may provide you with custom dental trays and bleach solution for at home bleaching. This method takes 2-3 weeks with an hour of wear per day to reach your desired results. This is an extremely effective way to whiten your teeth without sensitivity.
Consulting a qualified dentist on cosmetic whitening procedures will provide you with access to licensed professionals who are held to the highest medical standards and regulations. They also want your return business, giving them a rather vested interest in seeing you happy and satisfied. Utilizing laser technology, or in some cases a highly concentrated paste combined with light, your local Brampton practitioner can bring you excellent teeth-whitening results while upholding your dental integrity. Call a Brampton dental office today to find out how your smile can once again light up the room!

Teeth Whitening

Hi There, I have been researching teeth whitening online. Seems like there are a lot of options out there some of which seem to have some really bad reviews. What teeth whitening system do you guys use for your patients? are there any long term effects? is it painful and will it damage my enamel?  thanks.


By Azeem Sheikh (Admin)
There are a lot of options of treatment for whitening. In our office we use the Zoom whitening system. It is done in office in one appointment. We review with each patient considering whitening any concerns before proceeding with treatment. We always recommend a consultation to see if whitening as well is the best option each patient, if we are clear to proceed, our skilled hygienists make the treatment as comfortable as possible for our patients. If necessary we can apply desensitizing agents after the whitening is completed, we find however most patients in our office do not need it. Patients also can watch a movie while they are having the treatment! Which our patients love. We will go through all pre treatment and post treatment instructions helping patients maintain the fabulous result they have achieved for as long as possible. Whitening is an individual result. Most patients find they go as many as 3shades lighter and depending on again individual factors the result can last for years. Contact our office today to reserve your free consultation.

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